Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Early Ultrasound

I got to go for an early ultrasound today. I am officially 13 weeks, 4 days now, and the ultrasound showed 14 weeks, 1 day. Very close. They can't tell me anything definitive with this ultrasound. However, the baby has two arms, two legs, a head, two kidneys, two feet, and two hands that like to go in the mouth. I'm thrilled. I must say I haven't felt very excited for the last six to eight weeks...I've just felt so sick and nervous. Here are some pictures.


Profile...hands in mouth


Profile...arms and legs down


This is the baby's bottom and feet. You be the judge if there is anything else there. They cannot tell us for sure at this gestation. But, obviously with three (and sometimes four) girls, we're thrilled at any possible hints of masculinity. I'll let you know in about four more weeks.

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