Saturday, February 13, 2010

What We've Been Up To

First I want to share a couple of photos with you.

One of them is of the newest thing I am trying here. That is to make smoothies - you can get in a lot of healthy yogurt, fruit, and even veggies by making smoothies and not have it seem like such a big task to do it. And the sugar really isn't necessary. The smoothies I've made so far had banana in them and that sweetened it plenty.


The second picture is just of Rachey playing outside today. She's decorating her tree (old cut branch) with Heather flowers. LOL. I'm so torn when I see my girls do this. They make such a mess, but their creativity is AMAZING. Isn't she cute?


I've been on and off lately. I felt sick (I've still had some "morning" sickness) last night and my step-daughter was up with an aching tummy.  I didn't get up though. I made my husband do it. He did not want to. I'm glad he did. I was short on sleep from feeling sick myself. I was SOOOOOOO tired today. But, I don't do naps well. So, I actually got myself out to take a walk. That was good. I still felt tired, but it was good for me and I wasn't moping around the house.

My girls went to a dance party last night. They had so much fun. I think they may have gotten too many goodies though (perhaps the reason for the upset tummy). How to get them to decline the sixth cookie when you aren't there? It was an opportunity, however, to remind them that we don't just do things when we are being watched, but as serving the Lord. I am always reminding them of that. We don't just try to please men (or Mommy), but please the Lord, who sees our every moment and action. I remind them this when chores are done half-heartedly as well. I think it does sink in eventually.

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