Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here is a little more info on the birth of our first cow. Our new calf is named Annabelle. Jon discovered that the Momma cow, Pattina, was in labor about 1:30 this afternoon. Today was her due date. Jon's oldest daughter, Mariah, had a dance recital today at a Tulip festival, and so Jon penned up the cow and we hurriedly drove off to the dance recital. I wanted some flowers at the festival and Jon was reluctant to even spend those five minutes to purchase the flowers. (I purchased two flowers - a yellow crocus and a purple Tulip named Abigail, which is our youngest daughter's name.) Anyhow, Jon was in a hurry to get home.

Once we got home, Jon was pretty intense, and I craved some ice cream, so I took the four girls out to get some ice cream. They loved it, of course. On our way home, we meandered and drove in the countryside around our home a bit. When I got home I drove down to the barn. Out comes my husband (Jon) with a smile on his face. I knew. He said we were a half an hour too late. But, I'm glad we weren't there on time since this was the first time Jon helped a cow deliver. Jon assisted the birth as the cow was struggling a little. The gentleman we bought Pattina (the Momma) from, his name is Herb Berg and he came out and helped Jon. He said it probably would have been fine without assisting, but that Momma Cow was less tired and Baby Cow was less at risk, with us assisting.

We have two other soon to be Momma cows. The cows we have are called Pinzgauer's. The breed is pretty. The breed is really easy to work with (very tame). And, the breed is know for tenderness and low cholesterol. We raise the cows as breeding stock and when they are male, for meat. We have eleven steers (including a couple of Free Martins and one young Bull) we are raising for meat. Also, we grass feed our cattle. Pasture (or grass) feeding is healthy for all livestock. The meat we get is leaner and full of healthy Omega 3's.

Pretty much, my husband does all the work. He loves it. Our girls love the cows too. I think it teaches them to be tough, helps with work ethic, and also contributes to their love of God's creation.

Here are two more pictures:

Momma Cow and Baby

Baby Cow Annabelle

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