Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Spring and...Ideas

Spring is in the air today. It is supposed to top 70 degrees F today. We may already be there. It's sunny and it's beautiful and I cannot wait for the flowers and the leaves to come out. It's been a long winter here in the Pacific Northwest. It is supposed to be nice weather all weekend and I hope to spend hours outside gardening, pruning, picking up, building trellises with my sweet husband, or even trimming trees with my arborist chain saw (my dh hopes for that activity, but I'm only able to do that when the baby is asleep, of course).

I've recently been inspired in a couple of different ways.

One idea came from a mom at CO-OP. She said that each one of her kids had their own lingere bag for their socks. So, the idea is when they take off their socks they put them straight in their bag. Then, when their bag is full you wash it. The bag then only has their socks in it, so they can fold them and put them away in their drawer (even the three year old - or four year old in my case).

Another inspiration came from Raising Godly Tomatoes. Now, I have to preface this to say that I am sure I do not agree with everything this mom writes, but I believe that she writes a lot that makes sense and is helpful for the raising of godly Christian children. The basic principle behind her site that I was inspired by is that you keep young children close to you - even when at home - until they are TOTALLY trustworthy - so that you can see where they are tempted by ungodliness and you can train them. Just, as with tomatoes - you don't want to wait until you have problems - but the pruning should start young and should continue until the fruit is ripe.

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