Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sadness and...Thoughts


I am saddened to share that we lost our second calf. Apparently the mom didn't have clear signs of early labor (they can't tell you) and we got to her too late during active labor. It looks like the calf was too big. We may have been able to save her if we were there sooner. Our cows are Heffers (first time Mommy cows)  and as such often need extra help delivering. Our girls (human kind) are particularly easy going about it.

Our third Heffer, our most easy going Momma, is in early labor as I write this. Luckily her signs have been crystal clear and we have been checking her constantly, so we have plenty of time with this cow.


I am once again reminded of the need to establish a regular schedule. I need to do this for several reasons - to help my girls learn discipline and planning, to make sure I can get regular exercise and time in the Word, to adjust my body clock so that getting up at 8 a.m. isn't a really hard thing to do, and to just plain get more done.

I, by nature, or by the way I was raised, am the anti-thesis of planning and scheduling. Instead I just work like crazy on one project till I get tired of it, then search for another project to invest myself into. This isn't necessarily entirely negative. I get a lot done during these spurts of activity. But, when it comes to managing a household I think I need more.

I'm not looking for something overly rigid, or super scheduled. I know I would merely start doing something like that, then I would feel overwhelmed and stop without making any progress. Right now the step that I want to take is going to bed at 10 and waking up and 7 and taking the dog on a half hour walk before getting the girls up. I'd also like to get my desk organized and have Natalie's lessons planned out two weeks ahead. I'd like to also have times scheduled for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, as well as have menus planned out. Pray for me, if you can, this kind of progress is hard for me. I need God's help!

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