Friday, April 18, 2008

This Week

I have my card reader replaced and now I can update my blog with pictures.

Sad News

I am sad to share that we lost another calf. This calf was not stillborn, but died after a week. The calf had a tongue that hung out of his mouth. We had read all the articles and books and gotten advice from people. But, we didn't know that if a calf didn't get the proper amount of colostrum in the first few hours, that they are not likely to make it after that. Because of his tongue he probably didn't get the proper latch on his mom. We were very much saddened.


  On a brighter note, here is a more recent picture of Annabelle, our first calf. She is about two weeks old now and is very sweet and vibrant. I'll have to get a picture of her running around - that is even cuter.

Country Life

We are very blessed to live in the country. I went through a LOT of adjustments at first, but now that I am getting to feel at home here, as well as now that I am getting to know people in our area, I am starting to love it. Here is one of the many benefits of living where we live: wildlife abounds. I opened the door to our house the other evening and this is what I saw. I got up my oldest daughter who was in bed, but still awake and showed her too.

Frog At Night (With Flash)

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