Monday, June 9, 2008



I don't have any more pictures of our garden to show, because the progress that has been made isn't very interesting to look at. However, my husband got a lot more work done in our garden on Sunday. To him it really isn't work of course, it's recreation. He told me at the end of the weekend that he had such a good weekend. He and the older girls planted corn, green beans, yellow beans, pumpkins, acorn squash, carrots, and green onions this Sunday. That's in addition to our garden perennials and to crops we already planted like broccoli, potatoes, yellow onions, tomatoes.


My sweetie also finished a real professional irrigation system for our garden on Saturday. I am very hopeful about this garden season. Everything is coming together. We will have even water, composted soil, well rototilled soil, and permanent crops that are starting to produce. Plus we have figured more things out. For instance, did you know that corn comes in varieties that produce in 60 days and in 93 days? All sold at our local farm store. So, if you have a shorter growing season like ours, you just barely get a crop by the time the season is over - then you get it all at once. This year, we plan on planting more in waves - so we have a longer harvest time.

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