Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jame & Rice

Tuesday we picked up our first Azure order. I got some grain, some raw honey, and some miscellaneous things. Azure is a company that sells organic and health conscious food. If you order over $40 and you have the stuff delivered to a drop point (you have to be on one of their shipping routes) whose total order is over $400, then the shipping is free. Most prices are much better than Wild Oats or Fred Meyer. Anyhow, I've been a little intimidated about placing an order and I was glad that I'd done it. Now, I just have to start making the bread!

In the latter half of Tuesday is Art Girl's violin lesson. So, later that day we went into town to her lesson and then went shopping. We went to the Learning Palace and got some wall posters, stickers, and a number line. We also went to a neat gardening store, that carries gardening supplies I like. I got some stakes for my tomatoes, some gloves, two hand shovels, and a warming tray to help my seedlings grow. I've looked everywhere for some cantaloupe and watermelon starts this year and haven't found any, so I decided I'd try to start my own again. I was unsuccessful in the past, but I didn't have a warming tray. Last year we found starts and with the help of some rocks and a little plastic row cover material (to make the plants warmer), we actually managed to finish a couple watermelon and cantaloupes. Wish me luck (blessings) this year!

Wednesday, I got a babysitter and went to work with my husband the last half of the day. I got a lot done, updating a lot of dead links on our business website, tweaking the order of products and the product thumbnails, and just generally working on web content. I used to do a lot more of this kind of work. We used to take the kids with us to work, but now with three sometimes four kids, it's too crazy with them there to get anything done. Just before Wiggle Monster was born we hired someone that (among other things) could update web content and do basic Photoshop work. That has worked out well and I've been able to concentrate on being a homeschooling Mommy. There are always those things, however, you can't usually hire someone to do as a business owner. And, since my husband is more of a business management and accounting type, sometimes it's necessary to put in a few hours. I'm thankful for a good babysitter I can trust.


So we were busy the last two days and I didn't get a chance to post. But I have two pictures from today. Here they are:

"Mom, can you open the jam?"

Hungry, my middle daughter, age 4, is very tactile. So, I got a restaurant table bussing tub from the local Cash 'N Carry and some rice. And, here she is above playing away.

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