Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Simple Things

I am inspired about enjoying the simple things in this life God gave me.

I just went outside and the cows were nearby. We currently have three momma cows, one bull (he's just on loan), two calves, and twelve steers (for a total of 18). And, soon we will get two more momma cows. Don't ask me how my husband talked me into all those cows. One at a time that is for sure.

But, the one calf we got on the ground (helped successfully birth), she is the greatest joy of all of them. Her name is Annabelle. She is growing like a weed and she is very friendly. I can go out amongst the herd of cattle and for the most part the herd isn't bothered. But they don't come over to me either. Annabelle comes over to me. She wants me to scratch her back and her tummy. And she's very tame. She's probably about 200-250 pounds now, I would guess. She will make a great Momma.

So right now the other future Mommas we have are two Pinzgauer's and a Red Angus. The Pinzgauer's are a very mellow breed, which also make very tender beef. Of course our Momma cows are for breeding, and so we can get more attached to them. The two adult Momma Pinzgauers are Pattina and Dora Ann. Dora Ann lost her baby. Pattina is a fantastic Momma to Annabelle. The other adult Momma we have isn't named yet. She is a Red Angus. They are a real low maintenance breed. We are breeding her to the Pinzgauer bull and we hope her baby turns out looking like a Pinzgauer (which is reddish brown with a white stripe down their back). The Red Angus is very mellow, but it still pretty standoffish, as is her calf (he stands behind her most of the time).

We are also going to get two Black Angus Mommas. This is Big Boss Man's idea. He wanted to try an easier breed in terms of birthing. Black Angus are as easy as it comes for that.

So, next year we should have five new calves. Then the year after that six new calves.

What's So Simple About That?

I know it's not so simple. Farming, healthy eating, budgeting, child rearing - all of this is hard to figure out. It's not something I've had handed down from the generation before me and it's something that's easily lost in our culture. But, it has the potential to be so simple. And, even in these beginning stages of figuring this all out - the simple joys of petting a calf or planting some vegetables or watching my birds at the bird feeder - well they are so cool!

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