Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel

Happy 5th Birthday Rachel

My Rachel is turning five today. I can't believe it. Rachel is my always enthusiastic, funny, spicy, cuddly, and gung ho girl. As Rachel says herself, as she said yesterday as she was looking forward to her birthday, "I am so exciting!" Here are some pictures of Rachel now and from a baby.

I love you so Rachey!

110-1096_IMG 111-1111_IMG
113-1331_IMG 114-1412_IMG
Rachel 118-1810_IMG
122-2251_IMG 124-2441_IMG
Rachel_9_Mo 128-2888_IMG
Rachel_camping Rachel_hiking
131-3187_IMG 135-3562_IMG
Rachel_babies Rachel_christmas_2005
Rachel_winter_2006 Rachel_summer_2006
Rachel_chicken_2007 Rachel_dance_2007
Rachel_farm_girl Rachel_watching_soccer_2007
Rachel_dress flower_for_mommy

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