Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Abigail

Baby Abigail

My baby, Abigail, is nine months old now, as of the 30th of July. She doesn't feel like a little baby now.

Well, she is talking for one thing. She says, "night, night Dada," although not always to her Daddy, and definitely not with the awareness that she is saying, "night, night." She, like the majority of children, does not like to go to sleep at the end of the day. She says, "I-UH", which is short for her sister Mariah's name. She says, "that" and points at things, though her "that" is really kind of a "dat". She says "sister" which is really more of a "disder" sound - for all of her sisters. And she says "ki ca" for kitty cat. She also says, "nuh nuh nuh nuh" when she doesn't like something. I don't even think you'd have to teach kids the "no" word, I think that "n" sound is just in there waiting to come out.

For another thing she is crawling and cruising and crumb crunching. She does a really speed crawl with one leg kind of up like a bear crawl. I think she got into that habit from trying to avoid crawling inside of (and making no progress) some of the dresses she wears. She stands up against the couch, the wall, and even the steam cleaner. She cries really hard when she knocks over the steam cleaner - even though she isn't hurt. And, she is a crumb cruncher (and sorry to say dirt eater). I've never had a baby that was so intent on putting EVERY LITTLE THING into her mouth. From a piece of macaroni that falls from the table, to a string, to one of those foam ear plugs, to little pieces of paper, to bark, to big chunks of dirt - I am constantly fishing things out of her mouth. But, when it comes time to eat her green beans, does she want them? No. She wants Bananas. Or that Pasta with Tomato and Meat Sauce that we are eating.

I love her. I love every little challenging thing about her. And I love that she loves me. And fusses to get to me. I love how smiley she is. I love how much of a go getter she is. I love to see her and her sisters being a gang, all playing together.

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