Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Pictures

Here are some new pictures.

This first one (below) are some vegetables from our garden I harvested for dinner last night. This is the first year I got celery to grow. Grow it from good starts and give it lots of water! It's growing wonderfully. The neat thing is I can take off just what I need and it keeps growing. I'm always wasting celery from the store because I don't get to it before it wilts.

The following pictures are from our day today. We went driving near Indian Heaven Wilderness and were going to pick Huckleberries. But, there was record snowfall this year and they aren't even close to ripe yet.

Natalie with hats on.

Trees near Indian Heaven Wilderness

A beautiful, fire red wildflower.
There were actually a lot more mosquitoes elsewhere (besides by the lake). My husband went here (without me) last year when I was pregnant, camping with the older girls, and that year there weren't any mosquitoes.

Girls playing by Mosquito Lake.

OK. So this is a Mosquito that tried to eat our family for lunch. These were the most aggressive Mosquitoes I've ever been around. I was out of our truck two minutes looking at wildflowers (in the noon day sun) and when I got back in the car I was itching all over. I thought I had come across plants I was allergic to, but soon the welts started appearing on my body. The next stop was for five minutes and I probably got fifteen bites in that time period. I didn't figure, especially in the middle of the day, five minutes was worth putting bug spray on. I was wrong! At the next stop, we had lunch and put bug spray on immediately. They still got a few bites in on spots I missed and tried to bite through my clothes.

I suppose I wouldn't have minded so much if I was an average person. But, alas, I have allergies. I'm not allergic to all mosquitoes, just certain ones, I guess. And I was allergic to these. My bites turned to welts, from a width of a nickel to the width of a silver dollar. I got two bites just above my eye and my husband said I looked like I had been punched in the eye. I said I wanted to go for the day. It was probably good there were no Huckleberries, so we could head home. I think I will try going again in a few weeks when the Huckleberries are ripe. Hopefully the mosquitoes will have died off by then and I will don lots of bug spray ahead of time, no matter how much I hate to.

Not all the bugs were bad. Here is a butterfly. I could have got a better shot if I had a lot of time, there were so many of them!

Here is a dragonfly. It's not quite in focus. I could have gotten a better shot of this if I took more time, but my husband kept asking me to look at the kids (they were being cute as usual).

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