Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fair

Summer Activities

We went to the fair yesterday. Summers are filled with so many activities that it is easy to feel overly busy. The kids love it though. I enjoyed the fair too. And, I know that during the rainy season when I am feeling homebound by all of the rain - I can look back to all of those activities and remember I'm not always homebound. I think it is about finding a balance. Not committing to everything, but doing what's really important to our family. This next week we are going camping. I tend to get stressed out at the thought of planning it, but all of these summer things are such important memories and I really do enjoy them once I get there.

Pictures From The Fair

Here are the three older girls at the fair.

Now, this was definitely the funniest thing I saw at the fair. You know how dogs do agility. And dog owners get really into it. These are Llamas. As you can see the Llamas are all dolled up like show dogs, and their owners are trying to take them through the course. I wish I could have taken more pictures. Here was one of the easier obstacles. The Llama just had to duck it's head and follow its owner under the PVC pipe.

But, you can see the Llamas weren't always so cooperative. Actually, they weren't usually very cooperative. Here they are trying to get this Llama to go over the tarp that is being blown by a wind machine. The Llama wants nothing to do with it. She wanted nothing to do with going over fence rails, on a teeter totter (which was only about three inches off the ground), on stairs, through cones, or having to back up either. It was entertaining.

This is a classic look for Mariah. When I come out with a camera Mariah usually smiles and poses, so I was glad to get a natural shot of her here. She is looking at a reptile in the Terrarium.

 Natalie looking at reptiles.


And here is a reptile.

Girls flying "high" in an airplane at the fair.

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