Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Day

OK. Well, today was my birthday and here is my cake.


Yes, I made the cake. No, I didn't have to. My husband would have bought me one from the bakery, but I am I made my own cake. It was very rich.

I made my daughter Rachel her own cake too. No, it wasn't her birthday. But, we have been trying to go gluten free with Rachel. Back when she was a toddler, she tested negative for Celiac disease. So, this isn't an official thing. But, she has some symptoms that are common with gluten intolerance, and I thought I'd give it a shot. You've got to really go gluten free for at least three months to really tell if it is making a difference, I've been told. I've got to give it a shot. It's been about two weeks so far. And, you've got to avoid all sources - even like thickening agents that have wheat or gluten products in them. The funny thing is Rachel really doesn't mind the change in diet. I think that's amazing.

Funny Girls

My girls gave me "cards". Funny, homemade, stamped, folded up, scribbled on cards. Natalie gave me one that said "Rachel". And she laughed hysterically. Rachel had one in her pile that Natalie made and had Natalie's name written all over it. They thought that was funny too. Natalie sang "Happy Birthday" to me this morning and sang, "Happy 83rd birthday...". She still gets the first number of double digits mixed up - at least when doing her numbers orally.

We didn't make it to church today. I have been having the darndest time with anxiety and insomnia. I think it has primarily been because of the election - but also because of a variety of other elements that just brought me to overload. It takes a while to right myself sometimes. However, I've done better lately. Until last night. I didn't go to bed till one. That was self-imposed. I was organizing my desk, which desperately needed to be done. Then, the baby has a cough and was up at 3:00, then up at 7:00. And, at that point, I just couldn't go back to sleep. And, my interuptions to sleep (including tending to the baby - almost a toddler now) interupt my husbands sleep. I know it sounds strange to some people, but both my husband and I can't really function (at all) on less than seven hours of sleep. And, we both deal with insomnia. So, we decided to just celebrate my birthday today and not to go to church.

We went to lunch at a fancy (favorite) restaurant. Well, it turned out to be dinner because we went there and it wasn't open until 5:00. We had all three girls with us. It was a challenge. They aren't used to sitting still and talking quietly. My husband was very patient with them. I was thankful for this. We came home and had cake. Then, I opened my present. My dh surprised me with an ice cream maker. The kind you put the canister in the freezer and then it automatically makes the ice cream. I like to make stuff from scratch, so I am really excited to be able to make ice cream without the hassle of ice and rock salt.

The Cat

Then, on top of that my cat decided to give me a present too. Not too unusual I know. But, I was just sitting at my desk talking to my husband and in came the cat through the front door with a big mouse in her mouth and she drops it right in front of me. I screamed and ran around the house to grab the baby. Jon took the mouse outside. Sorry, no pictures.

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