Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Pics

Here are two pics of my oldest and youngest playing outside today. Today was a beautiful sunny day.


This is a picture of Natalie playing with her dishes outside. I came up to her to take her picture, and she says, "Mom, I'm pretending to grind flour." We have a grain mill which we use frequently. If you haven't been around a grain mill before, the electric kind are very loud. I put my earplugs in and tell the kids to go play in their room when I run it. It's a big production, but it makes very yummy (fresh) flour.


This is Abigail walking around outside. She is a big girl now and goes to join sisters. Yet, sometimes she is a little reluctant to go very far. Here is a very typical blank stare. Then she says, "huh". That's an actual word of hers. She uses it in context and it is new. I think her sister and I say, "huh?" to her too often.


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