Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Beautiful Sunday

It was a beautiful Sunday - an absolutely wonderful day. We started off with church which is always fun. Then we had lunch with Jon's mom and her husband and Jon's Grandmother. It was very enjoyable. We had a great visit. Then, we came back home and worked outside. Jon and I pruned the wild apple tree at the bottom of the property and I took pictures.

Jon said, "bring your camera so you don't get bored." That's about right. I sometimes get bored watching him do farm stuff. However, I don't mean it to sound like I don't like farm stuff. For instance, I love to prune. It's hard to pull me away. It's like photography, it's an art and I want to keep going as I get this branch and that just right eliminating the dead wood and the cross branches and letting in all that wonderful air and light. But, when I'm watching Jon, when he is doing the challenging chainsawing I can't do, I get bored. But, I don't get bored as long as I have my camera.

Here are some pictures from today:

The Toddlers Cheeks Are Full
Abigail and her full cheeks.

Fries Are Good
Rachel eating fries.

Sweet Look
Natalie. Don't you love her sweet look?


Jon's mom - Ellen. Isn't she beautiful?

Jon's mom's husband - Chuck.

Jon With His Grandma
Jon and his Grandma

Bald Eagle
We saw a bald eagle when we were out today. I didn't get a very close up shot, but here is what I got.

I tried to get panning shots of the girls running today. I want to work on this technique more.

A Day Outside
My poseable child in the front, my eccentric five year old in the back. LOL.

Jon pruning.

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