Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Sisters

Rachel came bounding over to me having put her baby sister's coat on - thinking it was funny. I, of course, thought it was funny too, so I took her picture. This picture tells it all about Rachel's comedic little personality.

Little Coat

After taking her picture, Mariah and I somehow came up with the silly, but perhaps slightly mean idea (but Natalie was OK with it), of sending Rachel out to her older sister Natalie to tell her that she'd "found a coat to wear outside."

Rachel is biggest non-perfectionist that I know. And Natalie is the biggest perfectionist. We watched out the window when Rachel went to tell her sister about the coat. Out came the hands on the hips telling Rachel that this was not the proper thing to do. Pretty soon Rachel was walking around the house and Natalie was following her very upset. So, I went outside with my camera, asked her why she was upset and took her picture. Natalie then smiled when she realized Rachel wasn't just being stubborn, but that we had sent her out there.

Something Is Not Right

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