Friday, February 20, 2009

My Week


Well, I read Habakkuk with my husband this week and I prayed with him a couple of times before he went to work and God really answered those prayers.

Our Farm

I did enjoy visiting the cows. They are getting really more comfortable around us. One of the Mommas comes right over to me and stands there till I scratch her back. The boy calf is also friendly and likes his tummy rubbed. Last weekend, we partially trimmed our overgrown apple tree on the bottom of the property. We really need to get to some winter garden stuff like spraying and planning out that greenhouse. I'm starting to sound like a broken record on that one.

Our Home & Health

Well, I'm happy to report that going gluten free and as of lately avoid lactose (but not cheese - yeah) seems to have done the trick for Rachel. Everyone has been quite healthy, and we've heard of lots of bugs going around, so right now for that reason (among many others), we are thankful for home schooling. I made bread this week. It's amazing how quickly it disappears!

In The Schoolroom's been a challenge this week. I started this week on Tuesday. Jon watched the girls on President's Day and I went into work. From then on, I can't really tell you what we got done. We read fairy tales and Natalie did her math three days out of four. We went to violin, dance, and soccer. Today I let the kids play, play, play in the yard as it was the most beautiful day. But I struggled to keep the house up. I struggled to do much reading with the girls or any projects. It seemed to me, this week, that anytime I was trying to clean or read with the girls or plan homeschooling projects or cook, there was my baby girl with a, "uh, uh, uh." Even trying to read with the girls with her on my lap - she'd take the book, want up and down, and just generally fuss.

I leave you with a picture from soccer. This is Rachel at the end of the line. This isn't Rachel's team. She wasn't old enough to play soccer yet this year. But she likes to go to her sister's practice and play with them and Natalie's coach is obliging.

Soccer Lines

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