Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Newsy Picture & One Strange One

So, Rachel and I went to the hospital today. She was getting a test done. Because she's so young and kids don't lay still, she had to get anesthesia. So here is a picture of her. She was excited to go, because to her hospitals mean being given things - like this puppy dog in the picture. She also told me it was neat because it was "like she was having a Mommy date" because Natalie and Abigail weren't coming.


And here is my strange picture. OK, this is what you do when you have to sit in the cafeteria for a long time. Probably not what you do, but it's what I do. Actually, I was trying to inconspicuously take people's pictures without them knowing. Then, I played with the picture after I got home - in case you couldn't tell.


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