Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Week


Well, I must say that I have the feeling of having slacked off in this area in this last week. On Saturday morning this weekend, we did read Psalm 23 and go over every verse and what it meant to them at the breakfast table. This was my hubbies idea. I just love my husband leading us in that way. I tend to be the one that goes over the verse with them after they read it, because I'm most familiar with how to put scripture into words the kids understand. Yet, despite me being the most wordy at devotional time, I really think it says something when my husband is the one that makes sure moments like these happen for our household. The girls really enjoyed it too.

Our Farm

We are still waiting for Ruby (our Red Angus cow) to go into labor. We thought her due date was February 23. And, Jon thought she'd go into labor early for some reason. So, we've been waiting a while. She should have the cutest little calf as it will be half Red Angus (which is a beautiful red color) and half Pinzgauer (which have really sweet looking faces and have that white stripe down their back). I can't wait to see it.

We finally decided on a plan for a greenhouse. We decided to do the bare minimum and are making a 8 x 10 x 6 foot greenhouse made with PVC pipe for the hoops, treated boards for the base, and greenhouse film for the cover. So, we've ordered the supplies. Hopefully we'll build it next weekend. Then we'll be full speed ahead trying to make our own starts.

Our Home & Health

Natalie and I and I think the baby have been fighting a little cold/flu this week. Achey and congested, but not too bad. I think it helps that I've been eating less sugar lately - the cold doesn't get quite as miserable as it otherwise could be. Everything is still going great with Rachel. I think we've found our answer for her. We've just been maintaining on the house this week, but at least we've done that and it hasn't totally fallen apart.

Natalie (DD7) said she wanted to learn how to do laundry today. How cool is that? So, I showed her how. Both Natalie and Rachel already know how to fold most laundry (with a little supervision), but they just hate to do it. I hope this skill is one she stays enthusiastic about.

In The Schoolroom

Natalie has been continuing with Saxon math. I've cut it down to two worksheets, instead of the three a day that Saxon comes with. I've been reading a Charlotte Mason book this week and I was impressed to do that - as they say the younger kids should really only be doing 1/2 hour of math a day. Some days it was taking Natalie an hour and a half or more. Not because it was difficult. Just because she drifted when she was doing her math. I think the change was good.

We're almost done with Carry On Mr. Bowditch. Both my five and seven year old have enjoyed this book immensely. We've also been reading The Burgess Bird Book. We've had our bird reference book out with us as we've read about the birds and this peaks their interest in birds even more than it was already. We've been reading Trial and Triumph and Exploring New Worlds too. The girls like those books too and I think they open their eyes (and mine) to the greater history of Christianity.

We basically follow the outline from Ambelside Online - adding in Saxon math and Answers In Genesis God's Design For Life Science. So, we read our books, we do our math, we do our science, we do copywork, then the kids self-initiate other projects like writing about an animal or writing a story. For a long time I felt like I needed to add Lapbooking to what I was doing, but with the young ages of kids I have and how challenging it is to get done the basics, I've reduced my expectations on myself. When I look at how enthusiastic the girls are for learning, I think I'm doing the right thing. The right thing for our family that is. What's neat about homeschooling is that we all get to figure out what works best for our own families.

We did dance on Tuesday. We skipped violin on Wednesday (as Natalie was feeling especially bad that day). We went to soccer practice on Thursday. On Friday, it was nice weather, and I was feeling bad, so we opted out of school and we went to the park.

Our Business

The economy continues to slow down our business. Quite frankly, with each new announcement from the executive office of our government, orders seem to come in slowly. I could point by point take you through each announcement and tell you how detrimental it is for small business people and working people in general (not to mention detrimental morally), but I will refrain.

The bright news, however, is that we worked out an agreement with our old landlord for terminating our lease. Also, within a month, our business will be closer to home so Jon will be able to get home in 11 minutes (exactly) if need be. And, if I'm going in for a few hours, it won't seem like such a hard thing.

I went in and worked one evening this week while Jon watched the kids. Jon also gave me some free time another day which was nice.

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