Monday, March 9, 2009

Photos Of The "Snow"

Here are some photos from our farm today (in the "snow"). Looking Out Abigail (1) Watching The Snow   Watching The Snow Natalie (7) Watching The Snow   Junco   Junco All winter we have Juncos and Chickadees and an occasional Blue Jay and Northern Flicker. Lately we've been seeing Robins, Goldfinches (they aren't gold yet), House Finches, and Spotted Towhees. But today in the snow, there were mostly Juncos. Juncos are easy to get close to, which is nice.   black_calves Here are the two black calves - Blackberry and "Doesn't Get A Name"   Jewel Our new calf Jewel. Now you can see her true color. And, as you can see she is as sweet as can be.   Jewel Jewel again.   Jewel & Me Jewel and I.   Ruby This is Ruby, Jewel's Momma.   Ruby & Pattina Ruby & Dora Ann. Dora Ann is the next Momma (due in about a month and a half).  

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