Saturday, March 7, 2009

She's On The Ground

She's on the ground...that's what you say when a baby calf is born. We've been waiting for this little one for quite a while. Her mom has looked ready to go for weeks, but with no clear labor. We've been checking on her two, three times a day to check for signs of labor. Jon checked on her at midnight last night.

I was up early this morning taking Natalie to soccer and I saw a little red calf in the field. I counted the black ones - yep there were still two black calves. I yelled, "Jon! There's a calf on the ground." "Is it red?" "Yes, it's red." "And, it's head just moved." Down went my husband to check on the calf. She looks good. You can see she is cute. We haven't seen her nurse. But, she probably nursed before we ever saw her. We get a little nervous because we lost two calves last year. But, she looks spry. I'm sure she'll be just fine.

New Red Calf

Red Calf

Red Calf & Momma

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