Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I just LOVE taking pictures. I have to watch out that it doesn't become an obsession. Part of the alure is the artistic component matched with the technical component. Now that I am understanding the basics of aperature (also called depth of field), shutter speed, focal point, steadying your camera, and ISO - I'm in heaven trying to get just the right shots.

Plus, a few months ago I figured out how to open and adjust my pictures in camera raw - which for certain pictures like silhouettes and really blown out pics can make all the difference in the world.

Then, too, while I've had access to Photoshop for years through our business, I've only recently gotten to the point in the learning curve where I can follow more advanced techniques. One of these techniques I just learned through a link on iheartfaces is to make a new layer and sharpen it specifically for the eyes - then apply a quick mask (which is alt the little square with the little circle in it - which for the life of me I never understood what that was for before), then you paint over the iris part of the eye to reveal the sharpening. That sharpens just the eyes - putting an extra sparkle in them - which is especially cool when you are starting with really contrasty eyes like with my Rachel. I think Abigail has pretty cool eyes too.

Isn't that cool???? I know it's technical (I apologize), but it's what professional photographers do and how the get the eyes to just shine! And, the thing is, I know everyone isn't as into photography or Photoshop. But, it was Greek to me too when I started, and with persistence, I'm starting to pick up some things.

Really, I'd say when I switched to the 30D from my G2 there wasn't much difference in most photos. I got action shots better because the G2 didn't take instant pictures like a digital SLR, plus it didn't have a sports setting. But, even still, with all the knowledge I've gained, certain pictures I think turned out better with the G2 because it had an excellent lens (although small). I'm just saying this to say don't limit your photography by your camera. Sure if you have the $100 special from Costco, your options won't be so hot. But the Canon G10 goes for about $400 and is an excellent camera. The Digital Rebel (an SLR) runs about $700. And you can lways pick up used deals through Craigslist. If you catch the photography bug bad, however, I warn you that the thing you will drool over after you get a decent SLR, will be the lenses. Oh, how I drool for a professional level zoom lens!

Here are some pics from my lazy Saturday. You can see that the anti-nausea medicine perked our little Natalie up and she is back to her normal disposition. I probably should have given it to her sooner, but to give you an idea - without insurance one pill costs like $20 or so (she takes a half a pill). We get 3 pills (6 doses) with one insurance co-pay and only one refill in a year. So, I wait till it seems clear the ibu won't do the trick to give it to her.

Oh, I could just eat her up!

Love this sister shot.



Can you tell she's competitive?

It's bokeh (the subject is out of focus), but I like it.

I love her eyes - especially when I can get her to look at me :).

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