Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Week

My Week

It's been a good week, despite me starting the week out sick.


I've been continuing to read Habakkuk. I'm finding that really comforting especially when looking at the place our country is in. Only God knows what time it is in His plan, but whatever the case, we can know that God will prevail. It seems like my husband and I have taken more time to pray together before he leaves for work this week. And, God has been faithful to work through my husband as I lift him up in prayer.

Our Farm

It was a good week on the farm. We had a calf. She is doing great by the way. She leads all the calves on runs around the field - with her mom following in tow. Moooooo. Her baby is still young and she doesn't like her running around everywhere. Little Jewel (Jewel is the calf's name) likes her belly rubbed too. I'm excited for a tame Cow. The other female doesn't much like being pet, so it was nice that this one does.

Our Home & Health

My kids and I continued to struggle with this virus. It was never really THAT bad - just icky achey stuff and a little runny nose, but it continued to slow us down. I worked on my menu plan this week and I'm optimistic it will work for me. Another thing I am doing is having a master list based on my basic menu plan and based on staples we need. Then I just go through and highlight what I need. I've had something similar in the past. But, this is more simplified and I think it will work better. Just after doing dishes, trying to figure out grocery shopping is my hardest task. Who says going to work is hard anyhow??? Those people with the idea that staying home is easy, just do not know. It's not easy, but it's rewarding. And I love that I love my kids and that my kids feel loved, rather than some burden their parents like in small doses only please.

In The Schoolroom

Well, we've just continued on. Not much exciting in this realm. More Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. I'd have thought we would have finished it but we got slowed down being sick. I finished it like the first two days we had the book in our possession. But, the girls and I that's a different story. The girls did a lot of science this week - between Thornton's Bird Book and The Human Body Book. We've also done some art study and they wrote a story about one of the pictures we were studying.

We did more math of course. It's amazing how much Natalie likes doing two worksheets over three. She gets two worksheets done in a half hour versus three in about an hour and a half. It was just too repetitive. Natalie asked me about fractions this week and we actually went over reducing fractions. She's in 2nd grade and she didn't get it exactly, but she was having fun with fraction cubes figure out that two 1/4's equals 1/2 and 1/3 plus two 1/2's equals 1 and 1/3. I think having them asking questions on their own and exploring their questions, well that is what homeschooling is all about. That's the goal.

Natalie is always reading about five books. I can't keep track of her. I think she finished By The Banks Of Plum Creek this week. She loves the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books. Rachel pretends to read her sister's chapter books and she spells words out to me and asks me what they spell. We talk about phonics. It's what works for her. We're establishing an interest and a curiosity and waiting for that to line up with her comprehension.

Our Business

Business has been better. Still slow, but as I mentioned last week we're moving ahead moving our business closer to our home. What with being sick and homeschooling, I didn't put any time in this week, except quick stuff from home.


Despite being sick we made it to dance and made it to soccer. Natalie wasn't feeling great at Thursday's soccer practice. But she was fine by Saturday's game. I wonder about the wisdom of keeping Natalie in soccer sometimes as she is more of a thinker than an athlete. But, it's just for fun at this age, right? And she does have fun. Here is a picture from soccer. This is, of course, her most favorite part of the game.


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