Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Broken Wrist Update

I went to a doctor's visit with the hand surgeon yesterday. The wonderful news - is that I have a hand brace now and not a cast at all. God is good. I am able to put on coats and take a shower without having to tape up my arm in a plastic bag. The doctor gave me excercises to do with my hand three times a day to basically push it back into a full range of motion. I don't use a sling anymore. I'm not to lift anything at all with my hand yet, but I have a lot more freedom. I feel like a new woman. Just wait till I can actually use my hand. Woohoo!

The only downside is right now with the re-introduction of moving my hand - my wrist and arm just throb. I'm sure that won't last too long though. Thank you all for your prayers through all this. I really appreciate it.

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