Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Natalie Lost A Tooth

Natalie lost a tooth today. It was one of those itty bitty teeth right next to the big front teeth. It's been loose FOREVER. It was so hard to grab because it was soooo tiny. Daddy ended up getting it out in a way that only Daddy's can do...

Back Of Itty Bitty Tooth

Itty Bitty Tooth Up Close

My Itty Bitty Tooth

Big Smile - Minus One Tooth

Beautiful Smile

If you get a chance and you aren't one of those people that are grossed out by blood, click on the photos above of just the tooth and choose the original size version on the Flickr page. The details the Macro lens caught on the tooth is quite incredible. You can see the stress on the tooth from yanking it out.

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