Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prayer Please

Added Note: 

In response to the Thought left below:

I hope I'll be able to move my wrist! Or I might just prefer to leave it how it is! The bones that are broken are actually in the forearm just beyond my wrist - so their the big bones that connect to the small wrist bones. Here is my somewhat unskilled attempt to draw a picture of my wrist in Illustrator.


Just an update on my wrist:

I went to surgery today to get pins put in it, but it didn't work. So, I will go back on Friday hopefully and have another surgery to get a plate put in my arm. 
On top of this Natalie is getting these stomach migraines (CVS) I think because she is stressed about it, plus she also has a cold. The little girls are with Grandma.

So, please pray for Natalie to get well and for her to have God's peace; for me to not get sick; and for everything to go well on Friday.



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