Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pictures & Me

Here is a picture I'm sharing with. I Photoshopped the colors and really like it.

Tree with pink sky

I'm doing alright with my wrist. Actually, I'm starting to get quite irritated with the inconvenience. I guess that's a good sign. It means I'm feeling a lot better. Last night you wouldn't know it though. I waited too long to take any medicine and I was very tired. The novelty of helping seems to be wearing off my family too. That's all right they do pretty well. It's the little things like you can't hold a glass of water and open the door to your bedroom at the same time. As I set my glass of water on the table, walk over and open the door, walk back and get my water, Jon says, "did you want me to help you?" Does he have to always ask me to ask him to help me? Can he just try and help without me asking? This is an ongoing difference in how we do things whether my arm is broken or not. Right now I just feel a bit helpless - which is not a way I like to feel!

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