Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have been so busy lately, and handling it all right. Well, the truth be told I've been less busy than the past. That is I gave up soccer for my girls - at least for now and since dance hasn't started yet and Natalie is without a violin teacher, my schedule is oddly empty of extra-curricular activities.

But, I've been busy because I've had to put my heart and soul back into our business. Business has been slow to say the least. I am grateful I am able to focus better and do my work more effectively than in years past. This week will be about a three times six hour work week for me (three evenings this week, but other times I will switch days with my husband and make it into work that way). Plus, today, I sort of cheated and did some work in between assignments for the girls. That sort of stresses me.

My work is web related. Our business isn't related to homeschooling. And, it isn't my desire to work outside my home. So I've fought our business in years past. My husband agrees, if there were another way, we'd do it. But, we need to be able to provide for our obligations, not to mention provide for employees. So, this is where we are at right now.

It's your kids' books can speak so strongly to your heart as you go about this homeschooling thing. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn't want to be a farmer's wife. Shortly before she married Almanzo, she asked him to not be a farmer. He told her to give him three (or four - I can't remember) years to make a go of it and then, if she wanted, at the end of the three (or four) years, if they weren't making a good living, he'd do something else. Funny thing is by the end of the book the first four years, Laura realizes farming is in her blood too, and that it is worth it. I'm not saying I want to farm. But, more than that end conclusion, what I am compelled by in the book, is Laura's attitude. She's working hard, she's by herself and she just figures it's her "job". If you've read the book, maybe you know what I'm trying to say. Well, I just figure, right now, if I've got to do both roles, it's just my "job". No matter how many children I have, despite doing two roles, I still have it so much easier than past generations. Why do we complain so? Most of our stress is of our own making. A lot of mine was trying to attain a standard of perfectly pleasing my husband, my relatives, or others I know.

I hope these are truths I can hold onto. I hope what I'm saying is true.

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