Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Day

My Six Year Old

My six year old is outside singing at the top of her lungs "get your energy out!". That is after all what I told her to go outside and do (get her energy out that is).

My Oldest

My oldest has been trouble hearing the last few weeks and her ear recently started hurting her, so we went to the doctor this afternoon. Wax in her ears and Swimmers Ear. We got some drops for the Swimmers Ear.


We went to the zoo yesterday and after our schooling today, we went to the doctor, so things seem hectic. But, so far, so good. The girls are enjoying their studies and doing well. I'm really working with Rachey with reading - she still struggles with basic phonics. I think she's bored with math though. I think I'm just going to print off worksheets from Math U See's worksheet generator - because basic adding/counting is too easy, but lots of words too hard. I'm being flexible with our schedule this year and I'm just counting days - to 180+. The zoo doesn't count. Today was our 7th day.


We start dance tomorrow. The girls are too excited. Oh, the energy!

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