Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Often?

Today I was driving on my way to a dentist appointment and I felt led to pray for my family (immediate and extended) and our country. I thought as I was driving..."how often do we listen to Christian radio, singing what are basically praise songs to our creator, yet we don't really contect with Him directly?"

In my early days as a Christian, I connected a lot, I felt driven to connect to the Lord, yet it wasn't a deep connection, I don't think. As I walk with the Lord longer, I have the opportunity to really deepen that connection - to turn to Him for absolutely everything.

Here I am...this woman of God...really a disappointment, to myself at least. But, isn't that the point? We fail. He picks us up. He picks up everyone who is willing to come to Him with a sincere heart. And, so, once more, I think I want to be like, what I heard (but still have not read for myself) the mother of John and Charles Wesley was like, constantly putting her prayer apron over her head and communing with a living God. Look at the fruit that act produced.

Regarding Susanna Wesley read this, taken from Wikipidia:

“Under no circumstances were the children permitted to have any lessons until they had reached their fifth year, but the day after their fifth birthday their formal education began. They attended classes for six hours and on the very first day they were supposed to learn the whole of the alphabet. All her children except two managed this feat, and these seemed to Susanna to be very backward.” (Haddal, 1961, pg.14) “The children got a good education. Daughters included, they all learnt Latin and Greek and were well tutored in the classical studies that were traditional in England at that time.” (Haddal, 1961, pg.15)

And from In Touch Ministries:

Shortly before she died at age seventy-three, Susanna wrote Charles to describe her faith. She admitted that for years she struggled with doubt and confusion about her salvation, but that she finally had complete peace. 

"When I had forgotten God, yet I then found He had not forgotten me. Even then He did by His Spirit apply the merits of the great atonement to my soul, by telling me that Christ died for me."

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