Monday, September 21, 2009

My Oldest Girl

I find myself being really hard on my oldest a lot. Anyone else have that experience? I expect a lot of her. I expect her to set an example for her sisters. I expect her to lead by example and not by strong keep her temper in check. I expect her to do her jobs independently, but not try and be "the mom" when it comes to making sure her sisters do their chores (this is a REALLY hard one for her). I think those are good expectations...Yet, I think, I need to do more to encourage and praise her.

This last one is a particular issue with her. I'll send a sister in to help her with a chore because she often takes the brunt of chores because she's in charge of the chicken eggs and because she is just very good at doing jobs. Then, instead of it being a help, she practically stops doing the chore and gets after her sister/s for not doing the job right or staying on task. Then, almost every time (because I want to be consistent with the consequence), she ends up having to do that job all by herself. Somehow, I've got to figure out how to break this cycle.

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