Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Couple Of Beach Shots

Just a couple of beach shots. I took the older girls out to the beach Saturday. We had a hard end to our day as I ended up in the ditch in the evening on my way home and the girls and I had to wait for a tow truck in the dark. Fortuneately, my car doesn't seem to have been damaged.

Jon had a bad day too, since the siding project revealed a rotten beam under the house that he'll have to replace. We live in a Manufactured Home which has no value on the books (in terms of appraisals). The previous owners put in their own decking, and unfortuneately bolted the decking into the siding precipitating its demise and allowing a place for moisture to get in under the house and onto the beams. Jon already replaced a beam under our kitchen when the front deck fell apart. He discovered the rotten beam then when he was demolishing the front porch. We really don't want to put any money into this home as it doesn't have any value. But, we've got to keep it livable. Anyhow...that was his day and he watched the little young'nn while discovering this. What a man. :)

Here was our day (the good half):













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