Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was adding some map references to my sidebar today (mainly for my own reference). In the past, I've had the hardest time finding good map resources. I know lots of pre-packaged curriculums come with good resources, but since I'm not going that route, I needed to find some good resources. Here are some good ones, if you are in need of these too.

I think it is neat to do geography with whatever studies you are doing. Geography is just like a time line, but instead of giving your subject a place in time, it gives them a place on our globe, and puts what the kids study in reference. Geography doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just find on the map where it is, mark it, draw a picture if you like, color in if you like. And, if the process is simple, kids just love maps.

Here are some resources:

Resources To Buy

Free Online Geography Resources

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