Monday, December 1, 2008

Almost On Overload

Doing Alright

I am almost to overload. I've got to watch myself. I did all that cooking getting ready for Thanksgiving, which made a mighty big mess in my kitchen. Then, after Thanksgiving, I made a cake. And, I wasn't going to eat sweets like that! I've got to get back to my routine.

Having To Work

I have also been doing a lot of work from home. I've been putting up products on our business website. And messing with our style sheet to try and make our tables on our website more uniform, as well as fooling around with some minor programming, trying to see if I could do some of what our programmers do. Well, I couldn't.

But, that's where my mind's been over the holiday weekend. And, God is in control, and ultimately provision for our life has ultimately come from strategic blessing of God at just the right time. He will take care of that. Yet, I need to be faithful and my husband needs to be faithful in doing the work set before us. My overwhelming goal is to concentrate on my home and my kids, but without moving things forward, I may not be able to concentrate on that in this economy because their is so much pressure on people's spending. In other words, if our business falters, I won't be able to concentrate on home. So, I've had my head there, which isn't where I want my head. I want it with my girls, on loving my husband, and on my God. Yet, it's a blessing that I've been able to be a blessing to my husband and his goals over the years.

My Girls

My Natalie also was sick over the weekend. I'm not sure if it was a stomach bug or not. She's had GERD issues since she was little and an apparent stomach bug happens often, then does not happen to the others. My two oldest children are real health and development quandries to me. My little one seems the picture of health. There are so many issues (that really aren't that big I guess), some of which I'm not sure about sharing over the internet. brain goes round and round with those issues and sometimes it's just good to move on and not try and solve it for a while.

The Routine Of School

So, I am looking forward to the routine of school and of Daddy going off to work. I think it will be peaceful.

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