Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Girls

They say it may snow here tonight or tomorrow. It did snow today already. And, we did probably get about 1/2 an inch. But, in my grown up mind, it isn't real snow until there are several inches of dry stuff - not the slushy stuff. Later in the day it was raining. But, we are hunkered down, awaiting the snow.

I don't know why I anticipate snow so much. When it snows, it means I can't get out. husband can get out. But, we have these steep hills on either side of our property. It's not just that there are hills, but it's the nature of the hills. Here I'll show you a picture of one of the hills (which is one of the ways out). This picture has no snow on it. That's the only kind of picture I have.

But, do note the curvy-ness of the road, and if you can see it clearly enough, the drop off on one side of the road. In fact, two years ago a UPS truck went off the side of the road and ended up upside down. Lucky for the UPS driver (who UPS tried to fire saying he was going too fast), his upside-down truck was caught by some trees (and not in a bad way). But, if we did end of going on the cold side one of these winters - the cabin fever could get bad. Have I ever mentioned I grew up in the city and my husband drug me to the country kicking and screaming? No, I love the country too, but it could be interesting.



Well, we all settled down to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" after stopping at the store for essentials tonight. The baby didn't get much of a nap today as her only nap was in the car, so she was SLIGHTLY grumpy this evening. After feeding her she conked out, so I handed her to Daddy. This kind of transfer isn't usually successful. So, I had to take a picture. Here it is. Isn't she cute???


Then, I took pictures of the other girls, since I had my camera out. Here are a couple pictures. I really like the first one of Natalie as it really shows her personality. And, Rachel is always a cutie pie in pictures (unless she is pouting - oh my). I'll add a picture at the bottom, so you can see what a not so cute looks like...










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