Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

If you have read further down in my blog, you would know that we have either had or been threatened with snow for about five days. The first day we were suppose to get snow, we got only a half an inch here, none really in town. Then there was a break (except for the cold weather) after that day and I got out of the house. Then, on Wednesday (two days ago), it snowed three inches. This wasn't a lot, but it is enough to cause problems on our crazy road. The next day we got an inch, but it seemed to warm up and was definitely warmer than the weather forcasts. Today, I'm not sure, I think we got another inch or two and it's below freezing. This means I can't leave the house without my DH.

But, I still have some shopping to do, so this is what he is going to do for me. He's going to take the whole family out to town tomorrow in the 4x4 truck.He reminds me 4x4's, even chained don't really do better stopping or going down steep hills. Yet, lucky for us we have two ways out of here. One crazy one lane road uphill and one crazy one lane road downhill. So, if he's leaving he goes one way, if he's coming home he goes another way. Once we get in town he'll take the older kids to work with him and give them a video to watch on someone's computer. I'll go out shopping. Perfect.

Well, here are some pictures of the snow from today and yesterday.

Natalie pretending she's a snow dog.

Gives a new meaning to the phrase "Free Range Chickens". The chickens could have, but didn't choose to go outside their pen.

Muck boots make great snow boots.

I think that's a pretty contrast of colors, don't you?

Two snowmen

Rachel's Snowman

A Snowman Without A Head

A Junco In The Snow

Bird Footprints

Sad Snowmen

Sophie Dog In The Snow

Sophie Dog Is Always On The Lookout For Something To Herd

Annabelle - Our Pinzgauer "Calf" - Weened About A Month Ago

The Snow Landscape

Isn't That A Great Tree?!

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