Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun New Things My Baby Is Learning

Fun New Things My Baby (Toddler) Is Learning

  • How to close doors (and get herself trapped behind them).
  • How to put the cat food in the cat's water bowl.
  • How to carry the cat's water bowl and food dish around the house.
  • How to put toys, brushes, and tubes of cream in the toilet.
  • How to open up sock bags and empty the contents throughout various rooms, all in less than two minutes.
  • How to climb me in order to climb up on the couch (luckily she hasn't learned to climb up the couch without me there yet).
  • How to open my desk drawer and pull items out, using nothing but her sense of touch.
  • How to take the phone off the receiver and start pressing buttons.
  • How to find my keys and relocate them to another part of the house.
  • How to find a pen, take the pen cap off, find a book, and write in that book.

To be continued...

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