Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Abigail

Little Abigail is getting so big. She's getting to be a real little person rather than a baby. My husband gets really nervous when she climbs up on chairs (and for good reason). Yet, I told him this morning that I though he was just fighting against the wind trying to get her to not go up on chairs at all. She wants to be just like us! At this point, I just want to teach her to sit down on chairs (she sees her sisters use chairs as stools and wants to do the same).

Here are some pictures of her from today and from yesterday. Today she fell aspleep while eating. Oh man! I just want to package her up and save her for some rainy day. But, a picture will have to suffice. The other pics were from our very lame very small Easter Egg hunt from yesterday. We were stuck at home. :( We were going to go to see family - but Jon pulled out his back and really needed to rest. It's hard to get that man to rest! His body was telling him it was time.

Asleep In Her Chair

Sleeping In Bed

Girl In Elmo Dress

Looking At My Egg

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