Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Gardening Toys

Here are my two new gardening toys:

This is the greenhouse my husband is making me. We are bit behind schedule what with my wrist breaking and the business move getting in the way. But, it's coming along and I will have the greenhouse for the rest of this season and each season to come. I want to make starts and also just extend our season.

This is my new garbage-can compost-bin. I will take kitchen scraps and leaves from bushes and trees and place it in there. I'll have two compost bins - so I'll rotate what is the ready compost and where I put my scraps. I'll use it for compost for my purposes. My husband makes compost for our garden from steer manure. This is for my own purpose around the yard. Also it's a good thing to do with kitchen scraps to reduce our garbage.

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