Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunny Day On The Farm

It's a sunny day on the farm. Here are some pics.



I'm not sure which black calf these pictures are of. I'm guessing the boy. He is very friendly - so he's usually in front. I can't really tell them apart - except if they are next to each other the boy is taller and has a leaner frame.


This is 6217. I can't remember her name. The two black Momma Cows look the same to me unless they are standing up side by side - in which case Marion (the girl calves mom) looks bigger.


Jewel. She's more stand-offish now. Jon said it happened when he tried to weigh her at three weeks when a friend of his was over. I had tried to weigh her when she was born and her fur was so slick she kept slipping out of my arms.

jewel_sun_2 lizards
These lizards did a good job camoflauging themselves don't you think?

Anyone know what kind of lizard this is? My girls want to know.

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