Friday, April 3, 2009

My Week

My Week - March 30-April 3, 2009


I've been praying a lot for wellness in our family and for God's help in our business. I've also been reading some in Daniel and Revelation this week.

I am really praying for (starting with myself) for Christians to pray for the God's people to humble themselves and pray for our world and nation and for His righteousness to shine in this generation. I think sometimes we get so frustrated and feel like what can we do about where this whole society is going. Well, He can accomplish much and one of the main ways He chooses to work through us is through our prayers. Of course He knows best, but He wants us to petition Him nonetheless. Remember Abraham petitioning God for Lot's city? It turned out the time had come for it to be destroyed, but God did not look down on Abraham's compasssion or prayers. 

Our Farm

Dora Ann should have a baby calf in the next week or two now. She is the last of the cows which we are planning on re-breeding to have a calf. And she, along with the other Mommas stay in the upper pasture by our house. We'll wait and see.

Our Home & Health

My wrist is getting better. Two and a half more weeks till I can drive and do more things with my left arm. At least I think so. I'm getting to the stage where my fingers feel more flexible and my arm usually isn't in pain and I am tempted to do things I'm not supposed to do yet - like grab a pillow with my broken arm or scoot my toddler on my lap or try and fold towels.

The house is a challenge to keep up with. But most of the time I've kept up with making meals. I'm so glad I came up with that easy menu plan before I broke my wrist. I'm not being perfect with Rachey's Gluten Free Casein Free and I think it shows - we've had lots of potty accidents and some trouble looking me in the eye and concentrating on days when I haven't been so good. It's so hard to tell what is just a bad day and what is diet related. If I just never ate when we were out and about and never cheated on milk products with her, it might be clearer

In The Schoolroom

We're pretty much back on task with school this work, since the kids are well, I'm out of pain, and I am a lot more mobile.

Some books we've been reading together are Trial & Triumph, Exploring New Worlds, and The Burgess Bird Book. Nat read several readers to Rachel this week - one about Helen Keller. Then she made brail with foam sticky shapes she cut up. Nat also read a full length translation of Pinnochio this week. She loved it and was sad there wasn't a sequel about his life as a real boy. Nat did some copywork from The Handbook Of Nature Study and the Bible.

Nat worked on 2's and 5's in multiplication and double digits with adding. I like Saxon math for it's gradual introduction of topics. I just cut back on the worksheets when I feel it is too much. Nat spaces sometimes and forgets to watch for signs in her math. That another good thing about Saxon - they mix it all together so the kids learn to watch for signs. I'm quick to explain things to my girls with manipulatives so we make math fun that way. I do want to get the book Family Math sometime for a more hands on approach.

In science the girls have been learning about the brain and the nervous system. They really enjoy the projects that go with the chapter. Below, I'm sharing a picture of their brain models (Natalie's and Mariah's).

Rachey has been enthusiastic about reading "Top Job Mom" to me this week and enthusiastic about her math (which is Abeka Kindergarden math).

Our Business

Things are going well. We are moving our business closer to our home. Jon's putting in lots of hours because of that, but it's good long term.

Mariah went to work with Jon two days this week - and was excited to help Dad with stuff. Since this week it's not all desk work, but more hands on and errands, it works out well.

I went in with Jon on Tuesday. It was actually just a few hours in the office. That would be about how much I think I could stand, typing with one hand. Then, Jon & I went out to dinner (no kids). It was nice!



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