Friday, April 10, 2009

My Week

My Week - April 4-April 10, 2009


I feel like God is continuing to do a work in me to pray for my world and country and family.

Our Farm

We are still waiting for Dora Ann to have a baby calf. Any time. She isn't showing any signs yet. Jon moved the main herd (mostly steers) to a bigger pasture. Next week he will move them to the neighbor's pasture - who generously let us borrow their field. Between my injury and the move at work - we have been behind at implementing the greenhouse. It is halfway done, however. I am also watching all sorts of perennials start to bring forth new buds. I want to get out there and divide up some clumping type of flowers before they become too big.

Our Home & Health

My wrist is feeling quite good. I'm typing with two hands without any trouble now. It's two weeks till I'm home clear. I'm excited for that day. I want to start exercising and want to get some cooking goals accomplished. I'm slowly getting started on some of it now. The house is getting much easier to keep up with. And I did a lot of organizing of my desk this week, which desperately needed to be done. I'm analytical in all that I do and I tend to collect more and more papers which I don't know what to do with. I like my various hobbies and interests, yet it is my desire to stick with the interests I have going and not add to them. Of course, the Lord can lead me, but too often I lead myself into disarray.

In The Schoolroom

I've really been enjoying my Charlotte Mason reading this week. It's about the out of doors. The weather was beautiful this week and between that and how I've been influenced by my Charlotte Mason reading, I have largely been allowing my girls to enjoy the weather. We have done math and reading of course. Natalie has done science. Natalie has been reading a Tom Swift book from the library. And, we have been studying nature. It has been enjoyable.

Our Business

It's been busy because we just moved and everything is still unsettled. Also, Jon's work computer went down (the core of it was about six years old and was due to be replaced) and so he has been dealing with an unreliable computer all week. This has been frustrating to him.

Other Activities

The girls went to dance this week. They just love dance. It's a Christian classical dance studio and the girls absolutely love it. I love it too as I get good fellowship there. We also went to soccer this week and have soccer tomorrow morning. The girls really enjoy soccer, but unfortuneately I don't so much. I'm not sure what to do about next year. Sometimes I wonder if I started soccer to make up for my own lack of sports ability anyhow. Yet, sports were a really great thing for my husband growing up. We went and watched Mariah's Easter recital at her school this week. Mariah (my step-daughter) is in a Christian school this year and we are as pleased as can be with how she is doing. She had a solo at the performance and was beautiful and sounded beautiful. On Sunday we are planning to visit cousins, which is a long drive, but one we usually only make a few times a year. Here is a picture of the girls explaining about their outdoor art (people made out of cedar chips). Creative Outdoor Art

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