Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Ann

Hey, just to let you all know the calf is doing great. Yesterday we headgated her Momma and walked the calf over to nurse. She nursed well, but still looked tired afterwards. I had been reading about calves being dehydrated and so we tubed her with a salt water/baking soda mixture to help hydrate her. By morning she looked spunky! She was up nursing herself and nursed three out of four quadrants dry. We headgated her Mom again and put her on her mom for the remaining quadrant. Plus she was up jumping around tonight! We will still need to watch her carefully for the next three weeks.

Little Ann

I think we are going to name her "Little Ann". Do you remember "Where The Red Fern Grows"? Our kids love that movie. We were reminding the kids she won't be little for long. I still have a black cow I couldn't come up with a name for. The cows we've named this year were Ruby and Jewel - Marion and Blackberry. This one's Mom's name is Dora Ann. So the name kind of matches.

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