Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Greenhouse Is Done!

My Greenhouse's Done
And I'm Going To Get To Planting
Hey-la Dey-la
My Greenhouse's Done!

If you ever listened to oldies when you were a might get the song going in my head today. :)


The really sad thing is that I totally started this day with GRUMPINESS. I thought my camera was broken and I'd have to send it in to the manufacturer. My world well...I just wouldn't like it so much...if I were without my camera... Then I was discussing my camera with my husband and mentioned sometimes the lens was the problem with this error99 code. He said, "well, did you try your other lens." Sure enough it was my lens (probably the contacts) and it wasn't even my favorite lens. Shame on me for being grumpy!

Later when we got home Jon finished my greenhouse. And, when I mentioned to him that it was time for peas to go in the ground (and not in the greenhouse), he put compost on our garden. The greenhouse is mine, but the passion for the garden, well...he is even more passionate about than me. He's a crazy farmer and gardener.

This is Jon blowing me a kiss. He must really love me.

Compost - cows are handy sometimes

Can anyone guess what these are???

I'll give you a hint, the first picture is related to this picture.

And related to this picture...

And, unrelated to planting, I just had to share this picture from today. Mariah is always game to do most anything...


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