Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another New Calf

We had another new calf born today. However, it's Momma (a new Momma) wouldn't let it nurse. She kept walking away from it. We recently worked at changing our herd of cows to move in the direction of Red Angus. Previously, we had one Red Angus and we liked her. She's pretty. She calved wonderfully. We bought four Red Angus from a big ranch. This is the second of them to calve. The first did great. He's a spunky fellow. Scroll down to see his picture.

This girl, however, had to be tubed today to give her the colostrum. My husband and his friend will have to hobble her (put her in a headgate and tie up her leg) to get the calf to nurse tomorrow. With our "good genetics" we were hoping for no challenging situations this year. But, it happens, especially with new Mommas. Because these cows came from a big ranch they are pretty wild, which make it hard to work with them with problem calving.

Well, fortuneately I was feeling a tad bit better today and I was able to help my husband hold the calf to give her the colostrum. I hope she does ok. Our calf that this happened to last year did all right. It's hard to believe it's been about a year since then.

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