Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Week

It was a good week I think. I decided to "try" going Gluten Free this week. So far I'm still doing it. I'm doing it because this pregnancy most wheat products have made me feel badly.

My middle daughter is a Gluten Free girl. Even though she didn't test out for Celiac - it obviously makes a huge difference for her going gluten free in so many ways - including behavioral. But the clearest sign is that whenever we go back to wheat (more than just a tiny amount) she has tummy aches big time.

My oldest daughter had a horrible time with CVS (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) last year (and a few years before that). CVS is basically migraines in kids. One of her episodes she didn't eat or drink for a week and we had to get her hydrated at the ER. We had to get her hydrated more than once. Actually that time we went to the ER at about day four. So, we got some expensive medicine for the nausea. And we used it a few times. But, the really cool thing is for like the last nine months, she hasn't had a problem. She has gotten headaches - and one thing you can do for migraines is to catch them early and treat them with Advil. So doing that might have made a big difference. But, the big thing we did is cut out food additives as an entire family (for the most part - we still go out to eat). Anyhow, that's a huge praise report, and just to show you that real health issues come from sensitivities.

Interestingly enough, the girs' cousin just got a positive test back on Celiac - so it looks like that does run in the family (on my husband's side).

I've just had general health issues and largely anxiety and depression issues and allergies (asthma, hives, etc.). I don't know what I'll do with this experiment. If you have followed my blog much over the last year or two, you know I love making homemade whole grain bread. I would so hate to give that up. But, for now, during my pregnancy and especially while I feel sick, I'm avoiding wheat and wheat like products.

So, I was feeling better. I mean I still had morning sickness, but it wasn't so overwhelming and I had good hours this week. The girls had a lot of fun with their activities this week and we made it to every one. Outside of Natalie doing her math, we still haven't been back to school, but I figure I can make up for that during the summer. And certainly, their activities and Nat's violin practice are an education of a type all on their own. And, the girls love to read on their own. So, they aren't getting rusty.

We got the original Star Wars (4,5, and 6) and Jon told the girls if they cleaned the house, we would watch the first one. Oh, my gosh were they motivated. I've never seen them move so fast. And, even if I was at my tip top, I coudn't have cleaned it myself that fast.

My Abigail is just a cutie. She keeps us all wrapped around her finger. It was funny at violin this week, the teacher asked her to pick up a pencil. She stood back and acted shy. Soon, though, she started telling my eight year old to pick it up. And kept asking her over and over. And eventually, Natalie did pick it up. That little Abigal turkey. I ask her to pick up a toy and she says, "Dachel pick it up." Dachel is Rachel, my six year old. But, Abigail's very helpful too. You should see how she folds wash rags. And, I'm kind of particular that my wash rags are folded in the same direction so they make a neat stack. And she (Abigail - 2 1/2) does it that way! Oh, she's too cute for words.

Here are some pictures I took earlier this week when I braided Abigail's hair. Natalie got in on the action.




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