Friday, January 1, 2010

This New Year

This New Year I can't say I have many resolutions. We are expecting a new baby come late August. I'm doing well. I've had two colds this month, so I've been feeling under the weather in general, but only a little nauseaus. I hope it will continue to be an easy pregnancy. My pregnancy with Rachel (2nd of my 3) was easy like that in the sense that I wasn't too sick.

I'm at a really good place this pregnancy. I've discovered several natural supplements that really help my moods and everything so far has been good that way as well. I take a high quality cod liver oil (in capsule form) and a food based prenatal that doesn't bother me to take (even on an empty stomach when I wasn't pregnant. The prenatal is called New LIfe Pre-Natal (I get it through Organic Pharmacy). It is totally unlike chemical vitamins. I totally recommend the line (they have a regular multi-vitamin as well). The cod liver oil I take is called Quantum Cod Liver Oil. I also take a Calcium Citrate/Magnesium supplement. I really feel my depression and anxiety were related to deficiencies (and I had REALLY major depression and especially anxiety).

The Cod Liver Oil gives me Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A in a natural form. D3 is associated with winter depression and anxiety. Not all cod liver oils are the same. Most cod liver oil you buy from the local health food stores are actually chemically processed - the vitamin D is extracted and then added back in. You've probably read about the heart benefits of vitamin A, but have also heard of the dangers of vitamin A overdosage. Well, first of all Vitamin A and Vitamin D are meant to be taken synergistically together in their natural form. Otherwise Vitamin A can be toxic. I am also not taking a high dose. It is interesting to note though that many societies from northern latitudes have traditionally eaten fish oils in large amounts without any harm and much benefit.

Unfortuneately, I was unable to lose any significant weight before this pregnancy. My goal now is to keep my weight down during this pregnancy. My level of hunger during pregnancy is outrageous, but I am pretty determined. My main plan is to fill my hunger with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. That's my plan.

It looks like I'll probably get another c-section. Over the last two years I've had a lot of time to research shoulder dystocia. Basically, I'm one of the .6% of people who have a baby with shoulder dystocia. And, it affected my first two. The third one the doctor that was at the hospital recommended a c-section because of my history of shoulder dystocia and an ultrasound that said this baby was large as well (which she was). Within deliveries that have a shoulder dystocia, there is a 2% chance of death of the baby, plus added risks of temporary and permanent injuries. There are added risks to a c-section, but compared to shoulder dystocia it is much less of a risk. I wrote about it all here There is a part of me that would love to just have however many babies God gives me. But, the reality is this may just be our last baby. I have to balance the risk to myself and my baby, with my desire for more babies.

Well, that's my news. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and that God is at work in your lives in powerful and real way in the coming year.

In Him,

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