Monday, January 25, 2010

My Husband

Have I told you that my husband has been making dinner about three days out of four during this difficult part of my first trimester? Do you know that shortly after we were married, my husband told me he just didn't see how he could be one of those husbands that helps their wife in the kitchen. It was just not something that any of the men in his family did. But, he has learned to make Tacos, Hamburgers (from lean, pasture fed beef mind you), Oven-Fried Chicken, Steak/Potatoes/and a Vegetable. He also cuts up a mean salad. And makes great German Pancakes for breakfast - even making a gluten free version for our gluten free girl.

Jon isn't the most naturally sympathetic person. He doesn't just notice when I need help. But, as hard as everything has been during this first trimester...he pulls through. This morning I knew I needed extra sleep (ten or eleven rather than nine) to feel good today. It's been how it's been. I asked him to stay home a little and work from home and just let the girls play in their rooms. He said, "no way. It's a busy day." In the past, I would have gotten myself worked up about his lack of sympathy. But, we are both learning. I told him I wouldn't be able to get things done today because I wouldn't be feeling good not having enough sleep. And, I tried to go back to sleep. And, you know what, he stayed home and worked remotely. I didn't even know it. I just thought my children were being unusually quiet. I got up at eleven and then he went into work.

My honey is a gem isn't he? I love him anyhow, whether he were to do that or not. But, when he does things like that I feel loved by him.

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