Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My daughter wants a milk goat. She's wanted it for several years. She's read Storey's Guide To Raising Goats through several times and can tell you most everything about taking care of a goat (she's 8). She wanted a Nubian. I talked her into Oberhasli, which is a milk goat that is quite pretty, but without the long ears, and with a much better temperament. I like the idea of a fiber goat - like the Pyroga. I think that would be better for showing at fair, and we'd get the angora like hair for fiber arts. You can milk them too, but they don't get as much milk.

I like this idea for a small animal barn.


This is someone else's small animal barn. But, they took a carport and added ends and stalls to it. How simple and waterproof.

We'll see if/when we get goats. My husband's been pondering getting one for our daughter come this summer, or maybe next year. He doesn't want to be responsible for the goat chores though. Plus we'd need facilities since our barn is taken up with Cows and hay.

It's nice to have dreams though.

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